Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Why can't we just play nice?

Nicola was spitting feathers again yesterday.

She was not a bit happy.

Apparently some old guy had said something about separation with which she had taken exception.

And boy, did she give him both barrels.

The freedom phasers were set to 'outrage': flared nostrils, narrow eyes and an appetite for retribution that would have an Old Testament prophet blushing. It was all there, from personal attack to the "what gives you the right" routine - why Nicola was so enraged that she even forgot to deploy the mid-sentence chuckle.

Yep, she was THAT angry.

She didn't actually address any of the points raised, of course.

She was too busy ripping the poor guy's throat out whilst simultaneously whining about being bullied and insulted.

It's a neat trick and one which has served the SNP well.

It doesn't serve the debate well and the aggressive victimhood punted by the SNP, along with their support of vicious pro-separation websites is poisoning this debate and will result in a divided and embittered country post-referendum regardless of the result (which will be no, obviously).

There is a direct link between every cybernat polluting the internet and every hissing and jeering indy debate audience member with the tactics adopted by the SNP for this campaign.

They should consider what kind of country they really want before they continue with their destructive campaign.


  1. Spot on.

    The hatred generated by those in charge oc the snp ensures we will be left with a bitterly divided country post Sept 18.

  2. Still toeing the Party line I see Graham, branch meetings in Falkirk must be such fun these days...

    BTW, Our new 'mate' Eric knows you called him an apostate, I'd stay out of pubs for a while if I were you... unless he looks it up, that is.

    1. Hi Conan

      Falkirk Labour party meetings are like bracing.

      However, we've got a great new candidate in Karen Whitefield and we're working flat out to win Falkirk back for Labour.

      Still desperately looking for the YES vote and cannae find it.

      Any idea where they're hiding?

    2. Behind false MSM headlines.

      Once the people know the truth... remember that Graham? The truth?

      When we both sneered at middle class socialists?

      Like Ali darling?

    3. Lummy, Conan, you're beginning to sound like one of those interweb 'truther' nutters who believe that it was the US who brought down the twin towers.

      MSM as you call it accommodates mcsquirter, Ian Bell, George Kerevan, Ken Macdonald, and until recently Braveheart Bateman was allowed two radio shows a week where he pretty much sang Flower Of Scotland for an hour inbetween prosletysing for separation.

      The Scottish media have been incredibly soft on the SNP since they took over in 2007. They have been asleep at the wheel and it's not good for our democracy.