Thursday, 31 May 2012

Blinkin' 'Eck! Not such a sterling effort after all...

It started off with Nicola Sturgeon repeating the ludicrous assertion that a separate Scotland would be able to nominate a representative to sit on the Bank of England's MPC and continued today at FMQs with wee Salmond claiming that a separate Scotland would have the same kind of relationship with the Bank of England as the UK.

Are these people really this ignorant?

The Bank of England have already made their position absolutely clear: It is not for the Bank Of England to decide on the conditions of allowing a separate Scotland to use sterling - it will be up to the UK Parliament.

Apparently Lord Coe is still waiting for an apology from SNP campaign chief, Angus Robertson MP,  for smearing him on twitter and the separatist campaign's wabsite is already discredited with its multiple false members and signatories on top of their fraudulent claims that every person who follows them on twitter are supporters.

The  campaign to break up Britain, which started with a whimper, has ground to a halt in a quagmire of misinformation, myth and dodgy, discredited websites...

Wee Salmond's campaign is turning into the longest car crash in British political history...

Saturday, 26 May 2012

Four foreigners and a trot...

Holy Moly fatman, your historic launch of your historic campaign wasn't exactly the historically most important historical event in our history.

It was more a bunch of foreign-based actors telling us that Scotland's biggest problem was ....foreign-based folk meddling in our affairs.

The SNP had an American citizen flown in from New York to lecture us on how to vote in an election that he, as a US-based American citizen, has no right to vote in.

There were also a few minor policitcal figures muttering about how things were in their day and a swivel-eyed trot who promised us that separation will deliver a Socialist Republic of Scotland.

The two Tams didn't show up - one wasn't invited and the other couldn't be trusted not to behave like a tartan Prince Philip... however, a fax purporting to come from Shir Sean was read out by a luvvie who loved Scotland so much that he moved away.

Then a couple of guys sang a sentimental song about Scotland.

You'd need a heart of stone not to laugh in their stupid faces...

Tuesday, 8 May 2012

We're all devolutionists, now...*

The SNP continue to make convincing arguments against separation.

So far they have said that it makes no sense to separate Scotland from the UK's currency, monarchy, fiscal policy, income tax rates, DVLA, energy policy, HSE, embassies, central bank, broadcaster and very soon its defence policy.

They are edging ever-closer to ditching full-blown 'independence' in favour of a turbo-charged devo max option. This is a perfectly respectable position but I just wonder when the more (ahem) enthusiastic SNP members notice that their core policy has shifted from freeing us from the tyranny of an evil empire to embracing it.

I jokingly made up the slogan 'Independence in the UK' a year or so ago to highlight the absurdity of the SNP's position where they claim to be independent but still cling to the security of the UK.

Now, far from being absurd, it pretty much accurately describes the SNP's position.

*Apart from Jim Sillars and a handful of deluded cybernats who are too dim to get with the programme..