Tuesday, 7 August 2012

The Olympics and the Nouveaux Brits of the SNP.

It's not the fact that they've spent the last few years whining, girning and greeting about it which makes the SNP's new found enthusiasm for the London Olympics so nauseating.

It's not the fact that they and their supporters have never missed the opportunity to shriek their outrage at every imagined slight on the road to the Olympics or trumpet every petty grievance which makes their new found support for it stick in the craw.

It's not the fact that they've taken almost half a million pounds from our schools and hospitals to pay for what amounts to a gang hut when they could have had accommodation for free which disgusts.

It's not even the way that they've tried to deny their antipathy to Britain. They've gone from Brit-hating butcher's apron burners to born again Nouveaux Brits without as much as an acknowledgement of this embarrassing volte face.

It's the fact that they thought nobody would notice.

It's the way they think that our heads zip up the back.

It is the total and utter contempt in which they hold the people of Scotland to arrogantly peddle this nonsense and imagine they'll get away with it.