Tuesday, 7 August 2012

The Olympics and the Nouveaux Brits of the SNP.

It's not the fact that they've spent the last few years whining, girning and greeting about it which makes the SNP's new found enthusiasm for the London Olympics so nauseating.

It's not the fact that they and their supporters have never missed the opportunity to shriek their outrage at every imagined slight on the road to the Olympics or trumpet every petty grievance which makes their new found support for it stick in the craw.

It's not the fact that they've taken almost half a million pounds from our schools and hospitals to pay for what amounts to a gang hut when they could have had accommodation for free which disgusts.

It's not even the way that they've tried to deny their antipathy to Britain. They've gone from Brit-hating butcher's apron burners to born again Nouveaux Brits without as much as an acknowledgement of this embarrassing volte face.

It's the fact that they thought nobody would notice.

It's the way they think that our heads zip up the back.

It is the total and utter contempt in which they hold the people of Scotland to arrogantly peddle this nonsense and imagine they'll get away with it.


  1. Just watching Ian Davidson seriously botching up his interview on Newsnight Scotland. I do not think I have ever seen anything like this before-----

    Trying to give someone "a doing" on live TV is not very smart-----

    Johann must be banging her head off the wall---

    Anyhoos, there was complaints from the SNP about the spending not being equally spread amongst the parts of the UK in terms of contracts etc.

    "It's the fact that they thought nobody would notice.

    It's the way they think that our heads zip up the back"

    A strategy that worked for Scottish Labour for over 40 years as it oscilated to whatever stance the UK party chose.

    And supported the squandering of public money to go to Iraq to kill a lot of people based on the paranoia of a foreign head of state (i.e Dubya). How many hospitals could that have built and how much of the debt from that war are we paying off with the bankers debt.

    Whilst not a sports fan, I wish all the winners well. However the long term political effects of it are probably the same as the planned Bannockburn fest in 2014 - it will sway few people from their position.

    I was looking up the composition of the USSR medal winners for the Seoul Olympics - the last time the USSR was to compete. Surprised at the large amount of Lithuanians who won medals either individually or in teams composed with Russians, Ukrainians etc.

    In respect of "Better Together"


    1. Thank you for your post.

      I saw Mr Davidson on the telly last night too. I thought he did very well. He was absolutely correct to point out the partisan nature of Ms Fraser's questions.

      At least he didn't call her a nazi, eh?


    2. What a piece of work you are.

    3. The truth is that Davidson's actions simply reinforce the mentality of the average (or very average in Grahamski's case) Labour Member. Narrow minded, paranoid, pessimistic, begging, belly crawling, cowardly buffoons.

    4. Wardoggy, you really should stop girning and learn to love Britain.

      You need to get with the programme: yay Britain, the queen and the bomb - that's the new nat mantra.

      Didn't you get the memo?

    5. Suppose the Act of Union had never happened, Scotland was still an independent country and the vote we were taking in two years' time was not on whether we should leave the Union but on whether we should join it.

      In that scenario, what would be the case for the Union? Your main Parliament will move hundreds of miles away and your MPs will be in a small minority. You will have a Government you didn't vote for.

      "You will hand over all your oil and gas revenues to the London Treasury. The biggest nuclear arsenal in western Europe will be based on the River Clyde, 30 miles from your largest city.

      An austerity budget will be imposed from London, cutting jobs and threatening public services, instead of Scotland being responsible for raising and spending its own taxes. You will join a country whose health and education services are rapidly being privatised.

      Grahamski's answer is bend over and think of sussex.

    6. Thanks very much for your comment.

      I was going to do a post about how the SNP have abandoned the idea of a positive campaign and now seem to concentrate on negative attacks on the better campaign and girns about the union.

      However your post above ably demonstrates this.

      I can't say I'm awfully surprised that the SNP boasts and bluster about running a relentlessly positive campaign were empty but I am glad you've saved me the trouble of finding examples.

      Thanks again.

    7. Oh I love fantasy politics. My favourite kind. Ok instead of going back in time lets look forward to what Scotland might look like if the fat controller gets his way. (with the limited info we have)

      We have the queen as head of state.

      We are in a fiscal union as the junior partner with the UK with them making decisions on borrowing and spending (Maybe)

      We are in a fiscal union as the junior partner with the EU with them making decisions on borrowing and spending (Maybe)

      Government income will be vastly reduced due to the SNP proposing cutting corporation tax to 10-12%. This will not make Scotland any more attractive to business as it will be offset by the supposed introduction of a living wage which we know will drive greedy bastard businesses running for the hills or back over the border in this case. You see they can avoid tax, but they can't avoid a living wage
      (I agreee with a living wage, but we know it freaks businesses out)

      Can you provide anything more positive puppy? If you can, Salmond needs you, give him a call. LOL

      One thing I suppose is that on the plus side we can cover the place in tartan and pictures of highland cows and dancers.

    8. This blog is a disgrace and demeans the proud traditions of the labour movement. Imbeciles like Spacecadet should take her points and ask them of the Scottish labour Party, that non-entity driven purely by party political survival. It will be a greta day when the Scottish labour Party finally withers and dies, taking it's whimpering crawling cowardly supporters with it.

    9. Waedoggy,

      I'd rather you didn't abuse the other posters.

      Apart from anything else it just makes you look a bit desperate.

      Like Mike Russell without the charm....

    10. Grahamski, don't be too hard on the wardoggy, he can't help it really. Donkeys years of bitterness result in this form of behavious.

      If I wasn't being abused by cybernats here and elsewhere it would feel like I am not doing my job properly.

      And to wardoggy, I assume that your failure to refute the way I see a future Scotland means that I am pretty close to the fat controllers plan?

  2. True, he did not call her a Nazi although you did remind me of the remarks made by the former MP for East Lothian and what she said on the floor on the House of Commons about PR, 1933 and 2007----:)

    Seems that even at least one former Labour spin doctor says the interview made him look like a bully.

    1. Ach, spin doctors are only good for spinning.

      I think it's a hoot the way the cybernats have leapt to the defence of the beeb - or EBC as some of the more (ahem) enthusiastic of them call it...

  3. Ha Ha Ha. The Nats have short memories. Remember this particularly rabid bit of paranoia?


    1. Gordon Brewer is often accused of being pro-unionist but I remember reading in an interview with Alan Taylor that he had been a nationalist activist and there was no indication he had gone "Brian Wilson/George Robertson"

      It is their job to hold all politicians of any hue to account.

      However Kirsty is a wee bit too close to Labour---- I wonder how Labour supporters would feel if Salmond at his interview last year with Kirsty had said stuff like "have you had Jack round recently" or "how's Alan's novel about how terrible an independent Scotland selling?"

      Particularly after THAT interview in 2007----

    2. Alex Salmond would have been perfectly entitled to ask those questions. Kirsty Wark's decision to holiday with the McConnells was a jaw-droppingly stupid thing to do. It completely and utterly destroyed her credibility and the beeb should have sacked her. Simple as that.

      As regards the BBC and indeed pretty much all Scotland's media's dealings with the SNP and Salmond in particular: they've abdicated their responsibility of holding them to account.

      A couple of examples:

      1. AT the last election the SNP claimed to have delivered 86 of 96 headline manifesto commitments then refused to identify what they actually were. They were eventually forced to publish a list which confirmed what we all knew - they were making it up. However, they were allowed to peddle this fantasy unchallenged for pretty much the whole campaign. Can you seriously imagine the UK media allowing one of our national parties getting away with that level of deceit?

      2. THE claim that the Bank of England is independent. Again, the SNP have been allowed to peddle that fantasy without the press or broadcast media pointing out the truth. Again there would be no chance of a major UK party getting away with that from the UK media.

      Inbcidentally, have you read Alan's book?

      It's honking...

    3. The only thing here honking is your attack blog. It's tripe.

    4. Thanks for that, Wardoggy.

      I was going to do a post on the increasingly antagonistic nature of the SNP but you've saved me the bother by demonstrating it.

      Thanks again.

  4. "Can you seriously imagine the UK media allowing one of our national parties getting away with that level of deceit?"

    What, like Labour's constant claim to be "Scotland's biggest political party"?

    1. Not at all.

      I'm talking about completely unsubstantiated claims or behaviour which never seems to be challenged.

      For instance, if David Cameron had stood up at PMQs and read out a letter in support of his policies which he claimed had been written by an Oxbridge don but which later transpired had been forged by his spin doctor and this deception was passed then off as an 'honest mistake' do you really think that Paxo and the rest of teh UK media would not have slaughtered either the PM and/or his hapless spin doctor?

    2. "I'm talking about completely unsubstantiated claims or behaviour which never seems to be challenged."

      So exactly like Labour's constant claim to be "Scotland's biggest political party", then.

  5. For instance, if Salmond had stood up at FMQs and called Lamont "Dumpy Jo" in retaliation for calling him "Wee Eck" - the media would have really gone to town on him.

    1. I very much doubt it. When the nasty wee article sneeringly suggested that Ms Goldie was built like a prop forward it warranted barely a mention by his lapdogs in Scotland's media....

    2. What a clown you are.

    3. Thanks for the post, Wardoggy.

      I was going to do a post on how keen the SNP are on personal attack when they are confronted by somebody with whom they disagree.

      Your post demonstrates this perfectly.

      Thanks again.

    4. I personally support Desmond Tutu, a globally respected figure, calling for LABOUR's TOny Blair to be brought to the Hague for War Crimes. Labour have been complicit in thousands upon thousands of deaths in the middle east. I find it physically sickening to think of members like Grahamski washing their hands of the blood that stains them.

    5. Patriotism is the last refuge of the scoundrel, Iraq is the last refuge of the cybernat.

      You must be hurting Wardoggy....

  6. "nasty wee article" - are you referring to those planted in the Scotsman by the Labour party?

  7. Quite superb Mr Grahamski, quite superb.