Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Better Together, better campaign, better message, just plain better...

Better Together launched yesterday with the dignity, determination and a decency that you would expect from an organisation headed by Alistair Darling.

Where the SNP had a disgruntled ex-MSP and a wild-eyed trot, the Better Together campaign had representatives from across Scotland's political spectrum.  

Where the SNP had a few foreign-based luvvies telling us how much they loved Scotland, the better campaign had real Scots who actually live here telling us why they believed it was better for Scotland to remain within the UK.

Where the SNP campaign was brash, hectoring and bombastic the better campaign was understated, pragmatic and honest.

There was a handful of SNP activists milling around outside the launch of the Better Together campaign yesterday. They had a few flags and had attached some scraps of old cardboard on which they'd scrawled slogans to a fence.

All in all it was a pretty unimpressive and uninspiring 
demonstration from a campaign which has already stalled and is now mutating into an ill-tempered, negative blame-fest.


  1. Still the Nats have come up with a brill way of
    undermining the 'Better Together' campaign

    Yeah the Nats call them the 'Bitter Together'
    I mean its so amazingly clever a six year old child could of thought it up(and probably did)
    They positively roll about laughing over it
    you wonder whats inside their noggins you really do.

  2. It's so simple that a six year old can understand it.

    Well done Niko.

    1. My sympathies, Conan.

      As a bonny fechter for independence you must be gutted to see your party abondon its principles with such alacrity.

      Tell me, are you allowed to mention the 'i' word and 'n' word in private?

    2. The abysmal pessimism of Darling and his cronies can be matched by the sheer and utter ineptitude of the Scottish Labour Party, a party so inbred, so donkey like that people outside Scotland point and laugh at it.

  3. Hi Graham. A female friend of mine used to tie off the little flaps of flesh that accumulated around her neck with dental floss.

    Cutting a tag off with scissors takes balls on the other hand...

  4. Graham,

    "abondon" - good word, as in Milliband's message in the Labour party phone-box conference... Abandon all hope.......BTW I'm not a robot so don't ask again.

  5. Why do you insist on comment approval, feartie? By the way, INDEPENDENCE!