Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Three crows and you're out....

With less than a week to go before the launch of the multi-party, broad-based campaign against separation it appears that the SNP have pretty much thrown in the towel.

We've already seen them give up any pretence of having an independent currency, monarchy, monetary policy, fiscal policy, defence policy, energy policy and foreign policy.

The SNP front organisation, 'Oh, yes please', has stalled with the Greens jumping ship and Margo giving it a wide berth leaving the narrow campaign with just the swivel-eyed loons of the SNP and the wild-eyed trots, splitters, entryists, opportunists and deluded dreamers of  the Peoples Front of Alba (Foxist-Leninist) supporting it.

If that wasn't bad enough, in the last week we've seen the SNP go from a would be latter-day William Wallace to a two-faced Caledonian Peter denying everything in which they once believed:

Independence? Don't mention that word warns a SNP psycho-babble expert.

Nationalist? Don't call me that, bleats the SNP campaign director.

"British?" Shriek those who used to sneer at the  'butcher's apron', "You'll still be British and you'll still live in the UK".

So many denials, it's enough to break your braveheart.

And this is BEFORE the Yes UK campaign even launches...

It's not so much the sound of a cock crowing which follows the SNP these days, it's the cluck cluck clucking  of a chicken...


  1. well we know the snps answer to your post

    you are 'ANTISCOTTISH'

    Mr Robertson said: "It's a shame that nobody in the Labour or Tory parties appears to be competent at the German language or understand German or Austrian history.

    "I am an internationalist and Scottish Nationalist in favour of an independent Scotland, but not a 'Nationalist' in the sense it can be understood in the German language."

    And dissembling is the same in any language

    1. Thanks for your post, Niko.

      I find it bizarre to suggest, as Mr Robertson does, that calling yourself a nationalist has unfortunate connotations only when declared in German.

      There are cenotaphs all across Britain: you don't need to study German or go to Austria to understand the malignant impact of nationalism on European twentieth century history.

      I find it incredible that the SNP would be stupid enough to want to highlight this...

  2. Would you care to make a prediction on the referendum, right here, right now Graham?
    You have such great form, like Paul the octopus in reverse.

    Dissembling Niko? You understood Graham's post then?

  3. I confidently predict that there will be an overwhelming vote in favour of retaining the current constitutional arrangements in teh forthcoming referendum.

    Even with the oil I find it inconceivable that anybody would be stupid enough to take such an important decision based on such a volatile commodity.

    And these Falkland Islanders aren't daft...