Thursday, 31 May 2012

Blinkin' 'Eck! Not such a sterling effort after all...

It started off with Nicola Sturgeon repeating the ludicrous assertion that a separate Scotland would be able to nominate a representative to sit on the Bank of England's MPC and continued today at FMQs with wee Salmond claiming that a separate Scotland would have the same kind of relationship with the Bank of England as the UK.

Are these people really this ignorant?

The Bank of England have already made their position absolutely clear: It is not for the Bank Of England to decide on the conditions of allowing a separate Scotland to use sterling - it will be up to the UK Parliament.

Apparently Lord Coe is still waiting for an apology from SNP campaign chief, Angus Robertson MP,  for smearing him on twitter and the separatist campaign's wabsite is already discredited with its multiple false members and signatories on top of their fraudulent claims that every person who follows them on twitter are supporters.

The  campaign to break up Britain, which started with a whimper, has ground to a halt in a quagmire of misinformation, myth and dodgy, discredited websites...

Wee Salmond's campaign is turning into the longest car crash in British political history...


  1. "Wee Salmond's campaign is turning into the longest car crash in British political history"

    Surely that honour goes to the career of Neil Kinnock.

  2. Wait for your dear leader to start bellowing 'Well, alriiiiight!'

    Any time now....

    In the meantime, I note you'd rather ignore Ms Sturgeon and Mr Salmond's bizarre claims about a separate Scotland's currency.

    They don't really believe that the UK central bank will negotiate with them about the conditions for a separate Scotland sheltering in the sterling zone do they?

  3. anon
    Neil kinnock my you have a very long faulty memory

    I see Alex guaranteed Her Majesty and heirs will continue as the head of the Scottish state. reminds me another royal the Grand Old Duke Of York..up the hill Alex goes he will soon be down again

    keep the queen keep the pound

    You have got to wonder what this referendum vote is all about.
    Just waiting for Devo-max to raise its head at Alex's behest

    1. Good points, Niko.

      It's only a matter of time before we hear demands for independence in the UK....

  4. Niko - republicanism is a giant elephant trap laid at the feet of the SNP which they have deftly not fallen into. Whether we retain the monarchy or not is a decision that only an independent Scotland can take. Arguing about it now would be a distraction.

    On a general note I suggest republicans wait until Brenda pops her clogs because she is personally quite popular. When the prospect of retaining the monarchy involves jug ears & the horse faced woman then minds may change.

    Admit the SNP are currently treading water on the currency issue Grahamski but there is hee haw else they can do at the moment.

    In the meantime I am enjoying the ever increasing number of Cameron cronies who are getting arrested. The net draws in.

    1. Thanks for the comment, Observer,

      The SNP may have deftly avoided falling into the giant elephant trap of telling the truth about their views on the monarchy however they have swaggered right into the teensy-weensy wee moose trap on currency.

      They look like rank amateurs just now with their claims about currency in a separate Scotland being trashed left, right and centre.

      This is important, if the SNP can't lay strong foundations now their camapign will suffer as we proceed towards the vote.

      On the currency issue the SNP foundations are about as sound as Angus Robertson's tweets...

  5. Ah Graham and Niko.

    Who's hearts are in the right place, but their heads are up their(Comment moderated)

    1. Cheeky beggar!

      Conan has exercised self-censorship here - I wouldn't dream of moderating his wise words...

  6. Hmm
    its Conan the exLibrarian he says on his blog

  7. come on what about the greens walking out on the megalomaniac Alex Salmond and his snpendum