Saturday, 26 May 2012

Four foreigners and a trot...

Holy Moly fatman, your historic launch of your historic campaign wasn't exactly the historically most important historical event in our history.

It was more a bunch of foreign-based actors telling us that Scotland's biggest problem was ....foreign-based folk meddling in our affairs.

The SNP had an American citizen flown in from New York to lecture us on how to vote in an election that he, as a US-based American citizen, has no right to vote in.

There were also a few minor policitcal figures muttering about how things were in their day and a swivel-eyed trot who promised us that separation will deliver a Socialist Republic of Scotland.

The two Tams didn't show up - one wasn't invited and the other couldn't be trusted not to behave like a tartan Prince Philip... however, a fax purporting to come from Shir Sean was read out by a luvvie who loved Scotland so much that he moved away.

Then a couple of guys sang a sentimental song about Scotland.

You'd need a heart of stone not to laugh in their stupid faces...


  1. What were you expecting? Massed pipers, caber tossers & the cast of Braveheart?

    My reading of it is that they know the people they need to vote yes are current Labour voters & that is who they are going after.

  2. The fact is there are more famous(Alex likes that) and influential English people who could of given more compelling reasons for the Scots to vote for Independence.

    But Alex with his Anglophobia would rather a few insignificant pretendy Scots waffle on missed a trick there i think.

  3. I presume Grahamski that the pro-union campaign will not welcome any endorsement/support from a certain former shipyard worker known for his colourful language and anti-Scottish nationalist views who now splits his time between LA and Malta (ok he has a bothy in Aberdeenshire but how often does he stay there?). A man whose company is registered in Malta for alleged financial reasons.

    And definately no commentry from Victor Meldrew and Robbie Ross who last year were voicing a SLAB political broadcast at the Scottish general election last year. Both of course live in London and in the case of Meldrew for a number of years----

    You could get that well-known Labour supporter Mr Coltrane but I remember reading that he once told Kinnock he supported independence. At least Coltrane lives in Scotland.

    In tribute to that great shipyard worker later comedian, some light music from him revelling in his 1980s interaction with the press---