Tuesday, 6 August 2013

What if...

A long time ago in an alternate galaxy far far away...

A few Labour Party members give up their party membership in order to join the SNP. After they join they set up a "Nats for the Union" group and claim that Mr Salmond is a big fat idiot and the SNP should abandon separation.

The media see through this clumsy ruse immediately. They ask obvious questions like, 'How long have you been a member of the SNP?' and 'Who's funding you?'. In this alternate universe the senior Labour figures who supported these dirty tricks are taken to task for undermining the debate. They are rightly pilloried for dragging the referendum campaign into the gutter.

Meanwhile celebrity Labour supporters who joined the "Nats for the Union" sham group are treated with contempt for being complicit in such an obvious fraud. Their bleating excuses about how they really would support the SNP if only they would change their leader, membership and policies are met with the derision such a lot of old cobblers deserve.

In this alternate galaxy when the broadcasters receive a press release for the sham group's 'conference' they file it away with the rest of the schoolboy pranks they receive on a daily basis. They most definitely do not report it without mentioning the fact that this group is not a bona fide SNP group nor do they fail to mention that the majority of this so-called SNP group don't actually support the SNP.

Meanwhile back in our own galaxy...


  1. http://www.heraldscotland.com/politics/referendum-news/labour-groups-founder-claims-dirty-tricks-over-photographs.21822634

    You were saying?

  2. I was saying that this group is a sham and poisons the debate.

    It just shows what a moral vacuum the YESnp campaign has become when it claims telling the truth is a dirty tricks campaign.

    I did have a chuckle at the cheek of this character complaining about being the victim of misrepresentation. He displays all the chutzpah of the lad who has killed his parent begging the court to have mercy on a poor orphan boy...

  3. Are you going to comment on the goings on at Grangemouth at any point?

    1. I think the poisonous gas from Labours brain farts in Camelone and Grangemouth has seeped under the doors of St Andrewss House and Dover House and paralysed his typing finger which was attached to his lonely wee neuron. The same paralysis that has thankfully seized the jaws of LoLa, as she hangs out in her bunker waiting for her next FMQs briefing papers. Still they can always grow tomatoes in his empty skull come the spring.

      Yours sincerely HenBroon of that ilk.