Monday, 27 February 2012

Dancing to Rupert's tune...

The Scottish Executive's response to SSE's warning that uncertainty threatened  investment was to announce they wanted to delay the referendum for a year longer than necessary.

They announced this not in our parliament but through the pages of  a newspaper.

What a kick in the teeth to our people and our democracy.


  1. "Donald Dewar held a referendum within 134 days of coming to power, but it is going to take Alex Salmond seven and a half years."

    Johann Lamont

    Of course Labour opposed any referendum at all for most of that time.

    As for "kick in teeth", I thought you would steer away from any martial metaphors until after the by election at least...

  2. Conan

    What's this got to do with Labour?

    The SNP spent hundreds of thousands of our pounds preparing for a referendum in 2010.

    They should either get on with it and hold the vote next year or apologise for wasting our money.

    Great idea to suggest holding an election on s school holiday when tens of thousands of Scots will be out the country by the way...

  3. "What has this got to do with Labour?" Er, you lot opposed *any* referendum at all one month, then wanted it immediately the next.

    Make your minds up eh?

    As for the date, it isn't settled yet, but I'm really suprised, you as a Labour supporter has seem to have forgotten about postal votes...

    1. Conan

      "As for the date, it isn't settled yet" Why not? Why the delay? You lot have had seventy years to organise this and here we are at a point when you can almost smell freedom and you poor wee lambs are struck down with stagefright.

      After all those years and all that bombast you've finally got to the national stage.

      And what happens?

      You shuffle on stage and freeze; blinking in the spotlight you realise that the turn you rehearsed so often in front of the mirror, hairbrush in hand, is nothing more than the deluded dreams of an amateur-hour wannabe.

      All those clever phrases and nifty ideas which seemed so right in your meetings now make you lool like an embarrassinly crass and naive sulky adolescent.

      Nae luck Conan, maybe when the SNP goes through its political puberty will it be able to handle the bigtime.

      In the meantime back to the bedroom and miming in front of the mirror....

  4. Poor Grahamski displays the stunning (should that be "sunned"?) ignorance of the typical British Labour & Unionist Party foot-in-mouth soldier. The seething hatred of Scotland;s democratic political institutions is evident in the sad wee thing's petulant insistence on referring to our government in the demeaning terms preferred by his party-political masters.

    They just cannot come to terms with the fact that the SNP has turned the "pretendy wee parliament" into something real and respected.

    And there's the lies, of course. There's always the lies. Surely not even Grahamski is so stupid as to fail to realise that what appeared in The Sun was not a Scottish Government announcement, but no more than journalistic speculation presented so as to dupe the terminally gullible into thinking it was insider knowledge.

    Either he's a fool, or he's a liar. Perhaps both!

    1. Well at least he is not rude like your good self perhaps this will give you some salient advice.....

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    2. Mr Bell

      This anger and bile is going to poison you in the end.

      Perhaps it would be a worthwhile exercise for you to consider how you will react to a 'no' vote.

      Will you accept the will of the Scottish people and work for a better Scotland within the UK if the Scottish people vote for it?

  5. Grahamski

    'The Scottish Executive' Oooer! that hurt ha ha ha
    that put them in their place.

    1. Thanks for your posts.

      I must say the pompous announcement from Nutternat Scotchland is comedy gold.

    2. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    3. What's wrong Grahamski, the full reality of Labour sleaze too much for a delicate soul like you?

  6. "Why not? Why the delay?"

    Try to keep up with events! No date has been announced because there's a public consultation to be held first. It's part of that democratic process that you detest so much.

  7. "Perhaps it would be a worthwhile exercise for you to consider how you will react to a 'no' vote."

    With disappointment, of course. But the campaign would continue. And I would want to be part of it.

    The fact that you suppose people might abandon sincerely held principles just because they suffer a setback tells us a lot about your lack of character. And a fair bit about what the British Labour & Unionist Party has become.

  8. "Scottish Executive" - Did you call Rhodri Morgan "First Secretary of Wales" even after he unitlaterally upgraded himself to First Minister in 2000 and did not get statutory permission to style himself as such till 2006?

    As for the SNP being in bed with Rupe, tell me is it Tony Blair or Alex Salmond who is the godfather of Rupe's daughter. Is it Sarah Brown or Moira Salmond who is pals with Rebekah Brookes. Was it Tony Blair or Alex Salmond who flew across the world to speak to Rupe whilst in opposition.

    Motes and beams Grahamski, motes and beams-----

  9. In tribute to Braveheart's recent mocking of Greek independence, some music: