Wednesday, 17 July 2013

ALEX SALMOND IS A BIG FAT IDIOT and other observations...

On BBC Radio Scotland’s Good Morning Scotland programme Alex Salmond claimed:
“There are pretty fundamental reasons why it is not going to be the case that they would refuse a formal currency union"
Hmmm..there's a pretty fundamental reason for believing that they would; like they've already said as much. In a UK Treasury report published this year this statement was made: "In the event of Scottish independence, the economic rationale for the continuing UK to enter a formal sterling union with another state is not clear" and George Osborne - you know, the guy who will dictate the policy of the UK in the unlikely event of a yes vote - has said a formal currency union is unlikely...
Undeterred the bold Alex blunders on: "sterling is as much our currency as it is George Osborne’s"
Wtf? The Bank of England is wholly owned by the UK Government and has its targets set by the UK Treasury. If we leave the UK we leave its currency and lose the protection of its central bank.
Mr Salmond finished with this doozy: “We will get the formal currency union..because they can’t claim sole title over the assets to the United Kingdom, unless of course they want us to accept no share of the liabilities of the United Kingdom”
Oh right, so we're back to threatening to walk away from our responsibilities are we? And presumably we'll retain our triple AAA status even though we would be a state who refuses to pay its debts. This is AAA buffoonery even by Salmond's own exceptionally high standards.
This year has been a harrowing one for supporters of separation. It has been made infinitely worse by the the first minister who has blundered from one disaster to another and from one crackpot announcement to the next ludicrous assertion.
We go into the summer holidays comforted with the knowledge that the UK is safe as long as Alex Salmond plays a leading role in the campaign to break it up....


  1. Greetings, Graham,

    Apparently you would much rather be ruled by Tories from Westminster than have a Scottish Labour party running Scotland? The polls down south seems to indicate that Labour and the Tories are neck and neck and it will be down to whoever offers UKIP the most concessions to form the next UK government.

    Incidentally, the latest poll on UK voting intentions in Scotland shows the SNP at 40% and Labour at 30%!!!

    How are things in Falkirk?

    Regards, JohnB

  2. Mr Brownlie

    The referendum next year is not to select a government but to decide Scotland's constitutional future.

    That you are desperate to reduce it to party politics suggests that the argument for separation has already been lost and we are left with petty party political point scoring.

    And there's more than a year to go...

    PS Falkirk is beautiful.

  3. Retain what AAA rating you utter arsehole?

    1. Game, set and cobbler's mallet. ;-)

    2. Jings Conan, I knew you cybernats would turn on wee Eck but I didn't realise it would be so soon. Calling your leader an utter arsehole is desperate stuff, even by your standards of desperation...

  4. I only ever comment as Conan Graham.

    No mention of the travails of the Labour Party in Falkirk?

    Of course not.

  5. Sorry Conan, the anonymous poster had your name attached on my e-mail notification. Maybe directed from your site?

    The minor local difficulties in Falkirk have been resolved and we were out campaigning in Bo'ness yesterday. Thanks for your interest - I know you really care...

  6. Good one Grahamski keep it up...



  8. I love the fact that Its alex telling you to vote for independance but you say its not political, Sowho was marching in the streets for your freedom from the terrible rest of the UK, Sorry Im Welsh and have lived in Scotland since I was 16, so not an English spokesperson here, just a common sense view, Ive not been brainwashed by Alex, its seems a lot of Scots have..

  9. Scotland is Better In the British Union than with so called " Independence "
    which will just tear the Country apart