Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Groucho Salmond asks: Who do you believe, me or your own eyes?

Question: "have you sought advice from your own law officers"

Answer: "we have, yes..."

There is video footage of this question being asked and answered.

The fact that the SNP are now seriously trying to suggest that we should believe them rather than our own eyes tells us all we need to know about the desperation at the heart of this SNP administration.


  1. the nats call the Alex Salmond conformity test if you believe him then you are true snp member if not you will be shunned

    one need only see the unedifying sight how they treat their long term comrades who resigned on point of principle.

  2. Dear me,

    Graham and Niko who hate the Tories are quite prepared to cuddle up to them because they are terrified of the SNP! as for the question and reply which was interrupted then it is clear that the First Minister was going on to explain further so why was it necessary for Brillo to interrupt him? Relying on half an answer to a question can give entirely the wrong impression. For example, if you were to ask me "Do you admire Jo Lamont?" I could say "Yes, I admire the floral blouses she wears but nothing else" If you cut me off after "Yes" you gain completely the wrong impression.

  3. Mr Brownlie

    If my interruption was 'what do you like about the floral blouse?' and you said that you were unable to tell me on legal grounds would you be telling the truth?

    I think not.

    And nor was wee Salmond.

  4. Come on, Graham, you'd have a big article on your blog saying "Swivel-eyed cybernat nutter admires Jo Lamont"!!

  5. How does this grab you?? Does it not make you sick. heh heh Scotland is moving forward, get used to it.

    Scotland subsidising rest of UK' October 2010 by World Renowned Economist Andrew Hugh es Hallett

    "A leading Professor of Economics, Andrew Hughes Hallett, has sensationally confirmed that Scotland has been subsidising the UK treasury in London for years and that the Calman Commission recommendations are unworkable and potentially damaging."